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JPS students envision improving Jackson and the environment

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As Earth Day approaches Jackson Public School students have a vision for the Capital City and an eye on improving their surroundings and the environment.

Gifted Education Program students showcased their work Friday demonstrating what they see for Jackson as they grow and mature.

"I think our children now have an opportunity to look and see how we can create Jackson for the future," said Rosalind McCreary, a Gifted Education teacher at Casey Elementary School.

The educator took her gifted students on tours of parts of Jackson for their project "A vision of Jackson through our Eyes."

Casey Elementary fourth-graders Regan Huddleston and Elijah Dortch created paintings reflecting what they saw and what they want Jackson to be. 

They were presented during the Students Helping Others Planet-wide Community Showcase at Tougaloo College.

Ten-year-old Huddleston often goes to the park with her mother and to pick up litter and recycle what they find. 

"In science class, they always tell us about how we need to recycle and how we need to keep everything clean, so if we do that, Jackson would be a so much better place," said the fourth grader.

Dortch is also 10 and says his friends and others in Jackson should reduce, reuse and recycle. He wants vacant structures to be transformed into new ones using the same materials to do it.

"It's important to me because the materials that they just tear down from buildings they can be dirty and stuff, and they can pollute the oceans and everything," said Dortch.

The gifted students in fourth through sixth grades created projects focused on Jackson's future, reducing plastic pollution, water pollution and improving the environment.

Many participated in cleanup projects around their schools and community.

"We weighed the trash that we cleaned up, and it helped our children to understand that everything that we throw away, it can be recycled and reused. We should do it," added McCreary.

Shanel Kidd with the Open Doors Gifted Education Program said each child has an opportunity to inspire and motivate others in the city with their projects and commitment to recycle, reuse and repurpose materials.

"We want our children to understand that they make the difference in Jackson because they are Jackson," said Kidd. "So another part of our theme for today's event is "I am Jackson" because each one of our students inspires and motivate others in Jackson to make Jackson a better place to live."

Nine hundred JPS students attended the event and are urged to work to end plastic pollution on Earth Day Sunday, April 22.

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