Smithsonian Director visits the two Mississippi museums - - Jackson, MS

Smithsonian Director visits the two Mississippi museums


The two Mississippi museums hosted a very distinguished guest Thursday. Lonnie Bunch, the Smithsonian's director of African American History and Culture took a private tour of both museums today. 

He was able to see each exhibit, piece by piece, and give his opinion on why our two museums are another great addition to American history. 

"History is simply not nostalgia," said Bunch. "History is really the opportunity to be made better, and I think this museum does a great job of helping people understand better who they are. You can't be the country of our dreams as America without understanding these stories and recognizing that America has been a nation that's been a work in progress."

Bunch also went on to say that America wouldn't be the country it is today without us revisiting the history in our two museums that we have here in Jackson. 

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