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Jackson Mayor hosts crime and justice summit

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Mayor Chokwe Lumumba hosted the city's first Crime and Justice Summit Thursday night. The goal was to create a relationship between the police department, his office, and members of the community. 

"I will share with you that I not only see areas that we can improve in Jackson, Mississippi but I see an issue with the criminal justice system across the country, said the Mayor.

The issues at the center of the discussion: the transition process for newly released inmates and the lack of police officers. Interim Police Chief Anthony Moore says the department is in the process of hiring 50 additional officers.

"It's going to help us be more efficient and effective delivering police services here in Jackson," said Chief Moore.

What wasn't discussed was the correlation between young people and crime. 

"It appears to be that age between 17 and 35 that's causing a lot of problems," said City Council President, Charles Tillman.

The summit comes at a time when violent crime in the city is at a high. Since Sunday there have been 3 homicides. The most recent occurred Wednesday night. When officers arrived on scene they found a 19-year-old laying in the parking lot. He had been shot to death.

Chief Moore says there have been 26 homicides since April 1st.

Another example of a violent crime occurred Tuesday night in the middle of University Blvd.  A young woman was beaten by a group of women. Instead of getting help, onlookers recorded the fight with their phones.

Hopefully, now that the conversation has begun, it will continue. 

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