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Richland Police Chief believes meat-stealing duo had plans to resell

John Newell and Burnell Hamlin...Source Richland PD John Newell and Burnell Hamlin...Source Richland PD
Source: Richland PD Source: Richland PD
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Richland Police Chief W.R. James says 63-year-old John Newell went into the Kroger store off Highway 49 south and took out with him an undisclosed amount of meat. A meat heist Chief James says Newell pulled off with the help of 68-year-old Burnell Hamlin.

"You know a lot of people are trying to survive and we understand that, but everything we get needs to be paid for." said shopper and Richland resident, James Thomas, after hearing about the duo's shoplifting spree.\

Police were able to pull over Hamlin shortly after he and Newell left the store, but as officers approached his car they say he took off and it was that quick, felonious mistake that prompted a high-speed chase.

"The pursuit was pretty short, about 2 miles," said Chief James. "They tried to take a hard curve on Old HWY 49 and ended up going through a field and were turned over upside down, inside of a ditch."

Chief James says the duo has an extensive history of shoplifting and burglary and that he believes they had plans to resell the stolen meat. 

"These are probably boosters, people who steal things to resell to other retailers for resell. It's a huge problem in the retail world," added Chief James. "It cost millions and millions of dollars a year. Like I said, they aren't stealing for their own sustenance. They are stealing to provide for other people."

John Newell will only face shoplifting charges this go around, but since Burnell Hamlin was driving and fled he will face charges of shoplifting and a felony for fleeing and eluding police.

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