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3rd Congressional Debate held in Jackson


On Tuesday, we got a first look at who the Republican candidates are for the third Congressional district. On Wednesday, the candidates went more in-depth with Mississippi issues in a debate at the two Mississippi Museums. 

The first issue the candidates were tasked with was the state, and weaning itself off of federal spending without getting Mississippi into financial trouble. This was how some candidates answered.

Morgan Dunn: "We have to balance the budgets, which means, in the business world, revenue equals expenses. That is not a common practice in Washington D.C."

Sally Doty: "I believe Medicaid is out of control, and we must do something to get our people to where they can not be so dependent on the American government."

Next the candidates were asked about spending in Washington.

Whit Hughes: "Number one you can raise taxes, number two you can borrow more money, number three you can be more smarter and disciplined about your spending. Identify priorities, have a game plan."

Perry Parker: "What we could do is look at having a gradually lowering of entitlement benefits past the year 2030."

After talking about money, they were then asked about their stance on current healthcare.

Morgan Dunn: "What Obamacare didn't do was consider all three lanes in health. You have three lanes, patient, provider, and insurer. Focused on one. Allow for families to choose and insurers to come in, but also regulate, and allow for providers to work with the insurances, but the patient having the ultimate choice."

Michael Guest: "To reduce healthcare cost for the consumer, I believe we need to be able to purchase the policies we want on the free market. I become tired of the government telling me time and time again what is the best thing for myself and my family."

The next primary is on June 4 and the election will be held November 6.

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