Residents fear street collapse from giant pothole - - Jackson, MS

Residents fear street collapse from giant pothole

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Some west Jackson motorists are afraid to drive an intersection filled with potholes. They hope to soon get help from the city with Operation Orange Cone funds.

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There are three large holes at the intersection of Newman Street and Utica Avenue, but the most dangerous one could swallow the front end of a car.

"This don't make no sense," said frustrated motorist Jonathan Nelson.

The Jackson resident is fed up with avoiding a giant hole and two smaller potholes at the troublesome intersection. He travels the roadway daily and wants some relief. 

"When I see this it just breaks my heart because the government don't care about Jackson, and Jackson don't care about Jackson itself," added Nelson. "So you know they need to get that fixed. I just hit two potholes".

Barricades surround the huge hazard which is about six feet wide and at least three feet deep. 

A car could easily be badly damaged.

"Nobody ever ran in this one because we always keep these barrels around it," said Dennis Williams.

This monstrous hole is in front of Williams' home. He is afraid the entire street will soon collapse.

"It was like a smaller hole and just kept washing and washing and every time they would come out here they would just, somebody would look at it and they would just keep on going and it's been about nine months, said Nelson. "It's gotten so bad it's washing out my yard over here." 

Monday city officials acknowledged the frustrations of residents and announced $4 million in funds for Operation Orange Cone from the 1 Percent Sales Tax Fund for road repairs and street repaving. 

"We have a preliminary list of streets just to begin the discussion, but we want to focus on how far will that budget take us and what are the condition of those streets," said Public Works Director Robert Williams.

City officials say road repairs are delayed in part because there are 16 vacancies in the street paving department.

We are awaiting a response from the city on a timetable for the Newman Street and Utica Avenue repairs.

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