Law enforcement urge drivers to drive safely through zones - - Jackson, MS

Law enforcement urge drivers to drive safely through zones


As there are several road projects are underway across the metro, the Mississippi Highway Patrol is working to make sure both drivers are workers are safe in construction zones.

Eric Henry, public information officer for Mississippi Highway Patrol, said drivers often don’t slow down when they approach a work zone.

“We’re noticing that people are having accidents in the construction zones, they’re being distracted and are not paying attention to their surroundings,” Henry said. “We want the public to know MHP will be out here enforcing these speeds and making sure people are abiding by the rules. While workers are present, the speeding fines do double. So, the fines can be very expensive if you’re caught speeding.”

The speed limit has been reduced to 50 miles per hour at several work sites along I-55, and Henry said posted limits also apply when workers are not present.

“They may have a lane change up ahead or some type of deficiency in the roadway that may cause you to have an accident if you’re exceeding the speed limit in that work zone,” Henry said. “So, even at night you still have to abide by the speed limit that is posted in the work zone.”

Drivers commuting through Ridgeland have also come across road work along Lake Harbour Drive.

The Reservoir Police Department made a post on its Facebook page, suggesting drivers use what’s known as the zipper method when traffic is reduced to one lane and drivers need to merge over.

According to the post, several people have complained about the way people merge when approaching a lane closure, as well as drivers not letting others merge into the lane.

In the video posted to the Reservoir Police Department’s Facebook post, it states merging into the single lane early may not be best for the flow of traffic, and instead suggests the use of both lanes and drivers taking turns to let people merge over.

Henry said the best thing for drivers to do when approaching any work zone is to pay attention and obey the signs.

“Abide by the rules,” Henry said. “Slow down. That will give you time to react just in case a lane closure is ahead, or traffic may come to a sudden stop. Paying attention to your surroundings, not being distracted, those are things that can keep you from being involved in an accident.”

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