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GOP candidates introduced at Madison forum

GOP candidates were introduced at a forum in Madison Tuesday night. Source: WLBT GOP candidates were introduced at a forum in Madison Tuesday night. Source: WLBT

Mississippi's third Congressional District Seat is open and six people are looking to replace Republican Congressman Gregg Harper in Washington.

The Madison County Republican Women's Board hosted a forum to introduce the six GOP candidates are and what their platforms will be. 

The most concerning issues were also brought up in Tuesday night's forum; such as the bridges and the states economy. Four of the candidates approached their campaigns as "business people," and they see that approach as the best way to get the district seat.

Sally Doty-- "I have that A-rating for business friendly legislation that I've been a part of, for the entire time, that I've been in the Mississippi senate. I am a nuts and bolts legislator, I have spearheaded campaign finance reform when it was made apparent that many of our politicians were using their campaign funds for personal use. I've worked on topics such as teen pregnancy because I believe that is the source of generational poverty. I've voted to lower taxes and reform workers comp, and regulations to allow our farmers and small businesses here to thrive."

Morgan Dunn-- "I'm a business leader, I'm not a politician. Who better to drain the swamp than someone who's never been a part of it. I know Mississippi, I know it as a wife, I know it as a mother, and I know it as a business. I've spent just about my entire life in Magee, Miss. I don't want small America to exist, I want it to thrive. I'm a strong Republican, I believe in a strong military, and I believe in the 2nd Amendment. I also believe that regulations strangles a truly good economy. I believe that you, the people spend your money better than the government does."

Perry Parker -- "I'm not a politician. I've run multiple global businesses around the world, I have a plan to grow incomes in Mississippi's Third District. What separates me in businesses and as a candidate is intellect and ideas."

Whit Hughes -- "I will fight for more jobs and a stronger economy, lower taxes, fewer regulations, lets get government out of the way so we have a chance to be successful. I'll fight for immigration reform and secure our border. I'll fight on debt and spending. Right now we're on a track that's not sustainable. I want to be a part of changing the spending culture in Washington. I support our military and our veterans. I'll work everyday for every community, for every county in this district."

Several candidates are already intricate pieces to the community and believe their current jobs are a good preparation for the seat.

Michael Guest -- "I've told people about my background as prosecutor, and for the last 22 years I have fought to keep our communities great places to live, to worship, and to raise a family. As district attorney, my office has prosecuted more than 20 thousand cases. As a prosecutor, I have often taken complex cases that have many moving parts that has helped me have a wide understanding of a variety of issues."

While some candidates are approaching the campaign from unique angle.

Katherine B. Tate -- "My platform, is I've dubbed it as faith of our Fathers. For the last three years, I have been in a doctoral program in Virginia during the summers researching the faith of our fathers, because you always heard they were deists, and how could they be deists and have such a brilliant plan of government that clearly reveals Christ. One of the reason's I'm running is to communicate these things on a platform that I would otherwise not be able to, in the classroom teaching my high school students."

The next primary is on June 4 and the election will be held November 6.

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