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CONSIDER THIS: Fix Mississippi's Roads and Bridges

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Drive around Mississippi and you’ll quickly realize we have issues with our roads and bridges.

In fact, in the past week Governor Bryant closed more than 100 bridges because of safety concerns. It takes money to fix the problems, but state leaders can’t agree on how to fund those improvements. However, if the state doesn’t address the decay, look no further than Jackson as an example of what happens when maintenance is neglected.

Philip Gunn, Speaker of the House, has come up with an idea to eliminate the first tier of income taxes and shift that tax to a use tax for fuel.

In my opinion, use taxes are the best way to collect funds. If you want to buy something, or use a service, pay a fee. That’s a fair tax. Unfortunately, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves won’t agree to that plan even though it isn’t increasing taxes.

It’s another stonewall tactic.  

Governor Bryant supports a lottery to fund infrastructure improvements. Most Mississippians also support a lottery, most state legislators support it, but Gunn and Reeves have blocked passage.

Thank goodness we have them to protect us from ourselves. We can’t be thinking on our own, you know.

Consider This: It’s time to stop the political manipulation and pass legislation to fund improvements. We need our roads and bridges fixed. Governor Bryant needs to call a special session. When he does, state leaders need to work together, do some Jethro Bodine cyphering, stop positioning for the next election, and get us out of this mess. 

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