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"Bullying" at JPS school lands student in hospital

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"We were getting ready to line up to go home (when) he had stabbed me in the head with a pencil," said Galloway Elementary School fourth-grader, Kevin Wilson.

This isn't the first time Wilson has come home with an injury he says was caused by another student bullying him while at school.

"When Kevin's head was stabbed or I don't even know how to put it cause it's horrible," said his step sister Tyisha Brooks. "But when that incident happened with him, he started throwing up. His eyes was rolling to the back of his head and they did not call AMR."

 Kevin has only been at the school for a year after moving from Texas and the family tells us in that time they've gone up to the school five times to report bullying. They say it keeps getting worse with the most recent incident leaving the boy bloody and scared to go back.

"I mean kids will be kids and kids will fight among each other but when it gets down to the point where my son has five staples in his head that's too much," said father Tyrone Wilson.

The Jackson Public School District released a statement saying this was not an act of bullying, but that Kevin and another student were in a verbal argument when Kevin's head was pushed into a counter:

On March 7, two Galloway elementary students were involved in a verbal exchange that led to a physical altercation which resulted in one student being pushed into a counter which led to head injuries. 

The teacher, who was initially across the room, immediately responded and separated the students and sent the injured student to the principal's office for medical treatment. A school nurse administered emergency medical treatment to the student who suffered a cut on his head. The parents of both students were immediately called and notified about the incident. Due to bleeding, school officials asked the parents for permission to transport the injured student by ambulance (AMR) to a local hospital. The parents refused and instructed the school to wait for a relative to take the injured student to the hospital. The relative arrived and transported the student away from the school.  

School officials met with parents of the students involved to address their concerns the day of the incident.

Contrary to erroneous social media postings, the student was not stabbed and there have been no reports of bullying between the students involved in this incident. The District has taken appropriate disciplinary action against the student who initiated the altercation.

Student safety is always a top priority in Jackson Public Schools. Students are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and will be held accountable for their actions. Parents are also called upon to address the violent behavior of their children. The District continuously administers a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program that encourages non-violent conflict resolution.

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