MHSAA Semifinals: Starkville beats Pearl 60-51 - - Jackson, MS

MHSAA Semifinals: Starkville beats Pearl 60-51


The Starkville yellow jackets left Pearl with a stinging loss in the big house. The Pirates were caught off guard in the first quarter by several shots Jariyah Covington and the bench. 

As soon as Covington started hitting long three pointers, the game was over for the Pirates. She was the main factor that got Starkville rolling the whole game, but one player emerged the #2 punch that got the yellow jacket the win. 

Jalisa Outlaw, hit the paint and the back board with no mercy. Outlaw had 18 points and 7 rebounds to help solidify Starkville into the championship. 

Starkville- 60    Pearl- 51

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