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3 on the Road: Architecture

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There is a pleasant look to Brookhaven. A part of that is the good fortune that a lot of Victorian homes were built here during the lumber boom of the late 1800s and early 1900s. And a lot of it is because there are people here with a vision to keep these old homes alive and also to expand that revitalization to downtown.

The old Hardy House is a landmark in Brookhaven that has seen better days, and much worse days, and is on its way back to perhaps its BEST days. Well, for one thing, when they are finished with it, it will be up to code, among other things.

John Lynch is doing this restoration. He has restored some residential property in Brookhaven, but more so, commercial properties downtown.

“Well, I moved to Brookhaven in 1994 with my family of four children," said Lynch. "And we live here and have just have grown to love this community. It’s a special place. We have changed dramatically since 1994. And we’re actually getting some recognition for that.”

People in town have noticed.

“Downtown in Brookhaven is a great place because a lot of people have taken a lot of time, effort, money and love and made it still a viable downtown. A lot of the storefronts that were two stories, now the second floor are loft apartments. So it’s just a vibrancy down there that you don’t find in a lot of places.”

An odd collaboration has added much to the aesthetics of the revitalization of downtown. Brookhaven OBGYN Physician, Dr. Kim Sessums was brought on board to help design the interiors.

“I’m not very good at playing with the other kids in the sandbox, so I said I’ll do it but I need to kind of have control over the furnishings and the artwork and the color scheme and the surface textures and all of that. They turned me lose, which was GREAT," said Dr. Sessums. "I mean it was a kid in a candy store.”

The revitalization of some of the buildings headed up by John Lynch and Kim Sessums has been infectious and spread to other stores and other owners. The net result is a vital downtown with lots of businesses and lots of customers.

And Lots of people proud to call Brookhaven home. “A Home Seeker’s Paradise. A place where anybody can come and feel right at home in Brookhaven Mississippi.”

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