MHSAA QUARTERFINALS: Holly Springs beats Crystal Springs 80-75 - - Jackson, MS

MHSAA QUARTERFINALS: Holly Springs beats Crystal Springs 80-75


Holly Springs caught Crystal Springs off guard in the Big House. The physicality of the game was seen through the Tigers' Deshawn Brent. He fought through several tough falls in the game to will himself and his team to double overtime. 

The Hawks first half gave the crowd fits. Parents and fans were banging the walls of the Coliseum to help spurn the defense and it worked. In both overtimes the hawks defense stood their ground. The fourth quarter was where Holly Springs showed that they belonged in the Coliseum. 19 points and fired up crowd made the hawks hard to deal with. But Crystal Springs scored 22 points, to quickly tie it up. 

Daquan "Quanny" Smith, led Holly Springs with 26 points and 9 rebounds. He fed off the team and got the Hawks in the game several times. 

Crystal Springs couldn't get enough baskets in overtime. They ran out of gas after Holly Springs won with big shots and solid defense towards the end of the game. 

Holly Springs- 80 Crystal Springs 75

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