MAIS Overall Championship: MRA beats JA 61-52 - - Jackson, MS

MAIS Overall Championship: MRA beats JA 61-52

Patriots are the defending MAIS Overall Tournament champions.

MRA up by 5 late in the 2nd quarter. TJ Smith to Michael Barber to put the Raiders within 3.

In the 2nd half, Pats on the rebound. Zach Jones shoots it to Trey Fort, Fort gets the basket and the foul. MRA with a 7 point lead.

Walker Pedigo takes care of business himself. JA still down by 8.

Mario White with the steal, he dishes to Trey Fort, Fort with the beautiful 3. 

MRA beats JA 61-52 to win the MAIS Overall Championship.

The Patriots have won 10 of the last 14, 12 total, and this is their 3rd straight.

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