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3 On Your Side Investigates: The Disappearance of Daffany Tullos

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An elderly Jackson socialite who lived in northeast Jackson and an 8-year-old little girl who lived in north Jackson disappeared the same day in the summer of 1988.  

COLD CASE: The disappearance of Annie Laurie Hearin

Jackson Police continue to get leads in the disappearance of  Daffany Tullos -- some suggesting she is alive today.  

On a warm summer evening in July of 1988,  Daffany Tullos got upset about her dinner. The 8-year-old walked out of her home and headed toward Northside Drive. That's when she disappeared without a trace.

 Jackson detectives reported she was upset about fish sticks and she left her grandmothers home on Azalea Circle just before dark. Twenty-nine years have passed since Tullos, who was epileptic, disappeared. She vanished without her medication.

Retired Assistant Chief of the Jackson Police Department, Edna Drake, was actively involved in the missing child investigation.   

"The question remains, could Daffany Tullos be alive today or did she meet a tragic fate after walking away from her house?" said Drake, who is now Chief of Security at Tougaloo College. "I would love to know what happened to Daffany Tullos."

The National Center For  Missing and Exploited Children shows how Daffany might look as an adult through age progression photo technology. She would be 37 years old. 

"It was a case that dogged investigators and the FBI for months on end," added Drake. "This case will never be closed until that child is recovered."

We have learned Jackson police have a fresh lead in the unsolved case. Police Chief Lee Vance confirms his investigators have received a tip Daffany Tullos is alive and well.

They were careful to not reveal too much information, only saying it was a tip, not a "development."  

The family of Daffany was aware of this new tip and prayerful it was true. Drake stayed in communication with the child's aunt.   

"The police department is actively following up on some leads that will hopefully come to some resolve for the family," added Drake.

We dusted off the cold case file to find the mother's boyfriend was an initial suspect. Drake confirmed that information  

"The boyfriend had been charged with molesting the child. He was released from jail the day before the child went missing," said Drake.

Daffany's mother was also questioned. According to the retired Assistant Chief of Police, both cooperated and passed lie detector tests. No stone was left unturned. 

"We followed all types of leads, even with psychics," said Drake.

We stayed in touch with Daffany's aunt who eagerly awaited word from detectives.  

Had Daffany been found living in Jackson under an assumed name?  No. The reports that Daffany was alive and living in Jackson did not pan out.

The disappearance of Daffany Tullos remains unsolved. 

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