Guest Commentary: Scott Waller - - Jackson, MS

Guest Commentary: Scott Waller

Source: Nissan Source: Nissan

Today, more than 18,000 automotive industry jobs in 32 Mississippi counties pay salaries 34 percent higher than the state average.

The playing field changed in 2003 when Nissan began production in Canton -- the facility put our state on the map for advanced manufacturing.

The Mississippi Economic Council, in conjunction with Move Mississippi Forward, has released a report showing the significant economic impact of the automotive industry in our state.

Nissan is a proven success story for our state and its workforce, and has led to numerous opportunities for job growth.

We cannot afford to lose future opportunities. Efforts underway by the UAW cut at the heart of Nissan Canton’s ability to be competitive and ultimately Mississippi’s economic competitiveness.

Meanwhile, the UAW struggles to hold membership and is desperately seeking relevance and it could come at the expense of Nissan Canton’s competitiveness.

Mississippi’s automotive industry is growing, and it’s making a meaningful difference in the lives of our citizens. It is vital we maintain a strong business environment in order to continue this momentum.

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