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Freeze's resignation the talk of sports talk radio


Friday was Christmas in July if you have the gift of gab. Phone lines lit up like trees, calls, texts, and emails like presents. Nothing out of bounds today on the fall of former Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze.

"The meteoric rise, never ever experienced a coach this popular in the state of Mississippi," ESPN 105.9 host Bo Bounds said. The popular morning host added "and then to fall the way he did, especially with the off the field, the escort calls and so on, I didn't see it coming. I would not have been surprised if the NCAA sanctions got him."

It was also an early morning at AM 620. The trio at Mississippi Sports This Morning delivered and heard plenty of hot takes.

Host Doug Colson anchors the longest running sports talk show in the Magnolia State. "Even with Ole Miss supporting Hugh Freeze the way that they were, when that support starts to erode, or something happens, it goes fast," Colson said. "And to think that he was on the Rebel road trip, was in town on Tuesday, they brought him in, talked to him about this stuff on Wednesday, and by Thursday he was resigning. These things move quick."

Freeze was praised and polarizing to many because of his faith. Mississippi Gridiron's Chris Brooks feels that's one of many factors into the degree of the fallout. He also hosts a midday show on ESPN 105.9 FM.

"You don't necessarily feel bad for Hugh Freeze. You feel for his family, you feel for his kids. But the faith message that he's putting out there for so long, you hate to see it become a part of this. You know it is. Initially it's the first reaction, then after that you start thinking about fans and players and that sort of thing. All of them losers in this big deal."

The voices of football were in midseason form less than 2 months away from kickoff.

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