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3 on the Road: 100 things to do in Jackson

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Hardly had to get out of the BREAK room, because I’ve been reading this book about things to do in Jackson  Specifically 100 things to do in Jackson before we die.

Natalie West is the writer. The concept for the book is from Reedy Press. They’ve created the same type book for lots of places around the country and asked Natalie to come up with this one for Jackson.

So I had this incredibly fortunate circumstance where a publisher came to me and said, “Would you write this book.” And I said, “Why, yes I will,” Natalie told the publisher.

Here’s one of the things you should do in Jackson before you die, come to Blue Monday some Monday evening at Hal and Mal’s and soak in some authentic Mississippi Blues. So, that’s one. You mean there are 99 more things to do here?

"You know a lot of people have said are there a hundred things to do in Jackson, Mississippi. And yes, there are. We came up with a list of 350 something; 357 I believe it was," said Natalie. "We decided to come up with a criteria. And that criteria was if it was a business it needed to be locally owned. Not a local franchise but had to be locally owned. One thing I loved about writing this book was understanding what a melting pot Jackson is. You know when you think of Mississippi there’s certain areas of the state that sort of have a claim on certain aspects. Like for example, the Delta has got the blues. But Jackson, because of its location, because of its politics because it’s the Capital City, we have a little of all of that."  

One hundred Things to do in Jackson, Mississippi Before You Die has it all categorized, entertainment to museums. Even tours of unlike entities brought together by a commonality.

"I would love for people visiting the area to pick it up and consider it a guide. But I also hope that people who live here will get to know the city even more," added Natalie. "Just come out of their normal routine, and pick up the book and learn a little more about Jackson and appreciate it."

One of the places you can get a copy of “100 Things to do in Jackson Mississippi before you die” is Lemuria Books, which just happens to be one of those hundred places you need to go see, anyway.

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