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Mississippi Strong: Glory House

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Most people sit back and wait for someone else to solve a problem, but not these folks. Grant and Hope Staples eased away from successful careers and started a ministry in Laurel they call Glory House. They’ve been at it for two years now. And they are busier than ever this summer.

"Today we’re having a sports camp and our local athletes through our Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter, they’ve come to participate," said Grant Staples. "We’ve got some cheerleaders here today. Each day we focus on a different sport. We feed our kids breakfast and lunch.

And that’s just today. Grant says every day it’s something at Glory House, situated right across the street from one of Laurel’s greatest assets, Gardiner Park. Glory House isn’t difficult to define. Hope Staples sums it up.

Glory House is a local mission house that just serves the community by loving God and loving people," said Hope.

Now, how Grant and Hope Staples came to establish Glory House is a bit more complicated.

"Hope and I had been in about eight different countries in foreign missions," said Grant. "And really we felt led to do the same thing we do in a foreign country here in Laurel, to come and just love our neighbor, to serve our neighbor. To do some construction projects around the neighborhood. To work with young people."

Some people may think you’re nuts to walk away from a successful career and start a ministry and give up your life to help folks you don’t even know.

 never really lived until we did what we’re doing now," added Grant.

"What kind of help do we need? Wow. We always need hands. We need people to come and help us serve," added Hope. "So in order for us to do what God’s called us to do in our community which is to share the love of Christ and help bring restoration to this part of our city which is dying, is other people."

"Grace International Ministries shepherds us and we’re a part of their non-profit association, so donations can funnel through them," said Grant.

So instead of seeing a bad situation and saying why doesn’t somebody do something about that, Grant and Hope Staples did it with Glory House in Laurel. And THEM living Mississippi Strong is helping their whole community to be stronger.

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