Hugh Freeze & Ross Bjork visit Jackson for Rebel Road Trip - - Jackson, MS

Hugh Freeze & Ross Bjork visit Jackson for Rebel Road Trip


The Rebel Road Trip stopped by the Country Club of Jackson on Tuesday. Hugh Freeze and Ross Bjork in town, a tumultuous few months to say the least for the football coach and the athletic director.

They self-imposed a bowl ban due to the NCAA notice of allegations.

On paper, it's a season without much to play for.

We asked both what their message is to a concerned Rebel fanbase.

Hugh Freeze: "We need you to stay the course. We have to fight a fight to the finish and you know the fans are the ones that never change. We've had great players here. The Donte Moncrief, Patrick Willis, Mannings, all those guys, and they are great Rebels. Our players get to move on and they're still Rebels and we still love them, but these fans are the ones that have to stay the course through the good and the difficult and the challenging times. And we need them."

Ross Bjork: "One, we're family. And that means we need to stay together. And we will get through this, there will be a resolution. And then we talk a lot about the process, so here's the logistical timeline and what's next. What might be coming. There's going to be some more noise that's out there, so get ready for that. There will be resolution and there will be unity that will pull us together. And that's kinda the theme this year of the Rebel Road Trip."

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