CONSIDER THIS: Partnering to clean up blight - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Partnering to clean up blight

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

An effort to clean up blight in Jackson in underway. The partnership between state, city and a nonprofit group will serve many purposes.

It will remove abandoned properties, push out illegal activity and make neighborhoods safer, have a positive impact on the appearance of the community, rebuild pride in areas that have been neglected, and ultimately increase revenue by putting properties back on the tax rolls.

Consider This:

There are more than 600 properties included in the auction, many for a minimal investment of a few thousand dollars; a few listed in the hundreds of dollars for the opening bids.

It’s nice to see these groups come together to launch this initiative This type of partnership is an important effort to help Jackson move forward. Improving more than 600 properties will have a significant impact on the city, its visitors and the people who live in the communities where these blighted properties are located. 

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