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3 on the Road: Mississippi's Tallest Horse

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Three on the Road goes to Attala County, just north of Kosciusko, where a Mississippi Record may live.

It is gentle rolling pastureland out in the country in this part of the county, about as idyllic as you will find in Mississippi; trees and horses.

This is the Ramage place. There’s other countryside like this in the state, but Joey Ramage thinks he may have something unique in Mississippi here, the tallest horse in the state. This is Molly, a Belgian Draft Horse, and Joey says it may be the record biggest horse in the state.

"She spans about 18 hands high," said Rampage. "They measure from about right here at the point of withers. That’s the tallest fixed point on a horse.

A Belgian Draft Horse is a strong animal usually used for some pretty strenuous labor. Molly, on the other hand, has it a little lighter.

"We ride her occasionally. The rest of the time she’s just a big pet," said Joey.

Molly is a throwback to Joey’s youth. Lots of us have things around us that remind us of when we were young. Later we wish Mike and Frank from American Pickers would come make us some offers. Joey’s not nearly at that stage yet.

"Well, I grew up with a half Belgian, and I’ve always enjoyed having, you know, one that’s pretty smart," added Joey. "They seem to have a pretty good disposition."

Horses are grandchildren magnets. Walker is the young man up on the back of the smaller horse. Well, I say smaller, in comparison, but it’s a normal size horse until Molly comes around.

I must point out the young lady up there with Walker is with me. This is the first trip Loralie has made with her Pops to do a story. And she gets a horseback ride right away. I’m not sure how to top that next trip out.

But back to Molly being the biggest horse in the state. Joey isn’t just daydreaming. He has some basis in fact.

"This one here, she missed the World Record by about eight inches," said Joey.

So there. But Joey, and for that matter me, too, would love to hear of a bigger horse in the state. So if you think you have one, let me know. We will come do another biggest horses tale.

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