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3 on the Road: Cotesworth

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Just when you think you’ve run across just about everything in Mississippi, something like the old home north of Carrollton gets brought to your attention.

There are only three incorporated towns in Carroll County and not even ONE red light anywhere in the county.

Vaiden is one of those towns in the eastern part of the county, on Highway 51 and the railroad. And then in the western part, there is Carrollton, with its ancient courthouse and movie-set–looking town square.  And then right across Big Sand Creek is North Carrollton.

Carrollton and North Carrollton were never twins. Carrollton is more refined and polite. North Carrollton sort of grew up on the tracks and was always rowdier. They’ve about equalized nowadays.

J.Z. George School is in North Carrollton, named for one of Mississippi’s notable statesman. George’s old family home, Cotesworth, is out from North Carrollton a ways, too.

You may be familiar with it. A lot of the movie “The Help” was shot at Cotesworth.

Among other things, Senator George’s most lasting legacy to Mississippi is our present 1890 Constitution. He wrote a good bit of it. And a lot of what he wrote he penned here at his home, Cotesworth.

But now he has left us something else. Well, I guess more correctly his descendants have left us something else, the home Cotesworth itself, being converted into a cultural center.

As interesting as the house is, I find the architecture of Senator George’s Law Library building on the grounds even more fascinating. It is a small hexagon building with lots of ornate wood trim on the outside.

And inside where each of the six walls intersects, a tall, double-sided bookshelf protrudes into the middle of the room.

Dr. Bernard Taylor is a Carroll County educator. And he sees a LOT of potential for Cotesworth.

"The Cotesworth Center will probably one day be as much of an attraction in Carroll County and Mississippi as Monticello is in Virginia," Said Dr. Taylor.

Cotesworth is a cultural center today. It is available to rent for private events like weddings and meetings. More importantly, it has been preserved and will be here as a part of the past that has graduated into the future.

Cotesworth has a Facebook page and a web page. You can contact the people who run the house through either. But spell it correctly: It’s Cotesworth.

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