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CONSIDER THIS: Jackson Crime

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As I mentioned last week, the city of Jackson has lots of potential with a new mayor and new council members bringing fresh ideas to hopefully enact positive change for the capital city. However, if the crime does not decline so people feel safe in Jackson, fixing potholes and improving water service will do little to restore Jackson’s appeal.

The horrific news of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier shot to death after a car theft and now a young man, Jeremy Jackson, found decapitated sends shock waves across the state and region. A gruesome beheading is something that happens in drug cartel battles and with terrorist groups in other countries. That can’t happen here. But it did.

With the nearly weekly reports of murder and other serious crimes, there is a legitimate reason people think Jackson’s future is bleak.   

Consider This:

The first order of business for the new administration must be implementing a strategy to reduce crime in the city. It is a complex problem and there is no easy fix, but there are initiatives that have proven successful in other cities. Study those, pick the best and launch similar initiatives here.

Infrastructure improvements, better roads, demolishing abandoned buildings, a more efficient government, even something as simple as mowing the grass to make the city appear less neglected will create a sense of pride and play a role in achieving the goal. But in the long run, the perception of a dangerous, unsafe community that can’t get a grip on crime will prevent incoming leaders from achieving their vision of a transformed city.

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