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CONSIDER THIS: Rebuilding Jackson

One of the candidates running for mayor of Jackson said many people think Jackson has gone to the dogs. He’s right. Many people have written off Jackson and think the city has no chance to rebound. However, that’s not true.

There are many, many examples of cities across the country that have fallen on hard times, but through strong leadership, public-private partnerships, state and federal engagement and creative initiatives, those cities are now thriving. That can happen here and it needs to happen here.

Jackson is the welcome mat for the state of Mississippi. As the state capital, the city is oftentimes the only view people have of our state. That impacts economic development, political decisions, media reports and the perceptions of thousands and thousands of visitors.

The city will have a new mayor in place in a few weeks and based on the election results, it is apparent that Mr. Lumumba has the support of tens of thousands of Jacksonians. He seems to be a very bright, engaging leader. Hopefully, he’s aware of the mistakes of past leadership and will handle things differently with his administration.   

Consider This:

Being the Mayor of Jackson is not an easy job and the city will not be transformed overnight. The people of Jackson understand that, and even though they may be patient to let the new mayor put his team in place and establish a plan, they will not, however, accept gridlock, in-fighting, under-the-table deals, cronyism, arrogance and lack of action.

Jackson needs to once again be the crown jewel of the state. That can happen. Mayor-Elect Lumumba, we wish you much success.

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