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CONSIDER THIS: Pay for roads with gas tax

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Mississippi did a great job improving its road system with the 1987 Four-Lane Highway program and then expanding the program in 2002 with Vision 21. There were over 1,000 miles of four-lane roads built as part of the original initiative.

Those roads helped the state recruit industry and other businesses and now they must be maintained. However, the state falls short when it comes to providing funding to keep our roads in good condition.

The state legislature likes to play shell games with funding and will come up with all sorts of ways to disguise and move money to provide political cover.

When it comes to maintaining our roads, we need to increase the gas tax. People purchase gas for their vehicles and those vehicles directly affect the condition of the roads. Plus, with a gas tax, a portion of the revenue will come from people who live outside the state, meaning we pay less of the total cost to keep our roads in good condition.

Consider This:

I don’t want to pay higher taxes, but I also don’t want to drive on unsafe roads. The gas tax hasn’t increased in more than 30 years and now our roads and bridges need attention.

It’s time to raise the gas tax to pay for road repairs; no shell games, just funds coming directly from a source that is associated with the vehicles using our highways. 

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