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Water outage will affect many Jackson restaurants

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The water outage has left many Metro area restaurants with a tough decision; should they temporarily shut their doors or work around the water woes?

"This could affect 40,000 people," said Iron Horse's General Manager Andy Nesenson. "These guests, they're not leaving, we are not going anywhere. They have to eat." 

The possibility of no water at Iron Horse Grill this weekend was not what Nesenson wanted to hear. But he refuses to close his doors.

"In accordance with the health department, they asked us to prepare a set menu and do a smaller menu," added Nesenson.T"hey have asked us to do portal, along with a hand washing station." 

Iron Horse admits the cost of staying open and creating a plan is expensive.

"You're having to bring everything in, your ice, paper disposals, plates, cups, straws," said Nesenson. "The trash, where do you put it all? It is a challenge, and there is an incredible expense associated with it." 

At Sal and Mookie's Pizza and Ice Cream joint, manager David Joseph has decided to shut the doors during this weekend's water crisis.

"We want to put our best foot forward for the guest every time, and it's kind of compromising our integrity of our food. That wasn't the right thing to do," said Joseph. "We're gonna honor the city, and we are going to make sure we take care of guest properly." 

Although the popular ice cream and pizza spot feels it is making the right decision, the water outage and closing could have a negative impact on its bottom line.

"The income level we're going to lose is the lost," added Joseph. "We have about 65 employees in the building so it will affect a lot of people." 

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