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CONSIDER THIS: Jackson’s Water Crisis

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The city of Jackson is in a water crisis and this weekend will be a water emergency. It is projected 40,000 people will be without water for an estimated three days. It could affect more people and last longer.

Until contractors start repair work, there is no way to know the true extent of the problem. The city briefed residents in a news conference about the work and how to prepare. However, the one person absent was the mayor. When asked “Where’s Mayor Tony Yarber?”, we were told he was working to secure federal funds.

The infrastructure issues facing the city did not happen overnight, the decay developed over many, many years of neglect. However, this is a crisis that is happening now, while this administration is on watch, and the mayor needs to be front and center.

Consider This:

Mayor Yarber is up for reelection this year. If he expects to have a chance at retaining his position he’ll need to step up and be visible.

With 15 other candidates running for mayor there are plenty of choices on the ballot if voters feel someone else could provide better leadership for the capital city.

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