Tell Us Why You're Donating


Thanks for participating in WLBT's Great Lengths Campaign, sponsored by St. Dominic's Hospital and Hinds Community College.  Your gift of hair is such a selfless  act and we truly thank you for your commitment to help restore the personal esteem and confidence of persons facing and undergoing chemotherapy due to cancer.

Karen from Brandon, Mississippi

I have something someone needs, I'm happy I can help.

Blaire from Crystal Springs, Mississippi

To give to others.

Diane from Florence, Mississippi

For cancer patients to have hair to make them feel beautiful.

Ashley from Edwards, Mississippi

I absolutely love the feeling I get knowing that I have helped someone in need!  I try donating once a year.

Sarah from Byram, Mississippi

I have donated in the past and I believe that it is for a great cause.  I ahve lost family to cancer and currently have an anut fighting breast cancer and we are hoping for the best.  To be able to donate my hair is on of the best and selfless ways I know to give to this cause and help fight this disease.

Allison from Madison, Mississippi

Share my hair with those who need it!

Penny from Pearl, Mississippi

Cancer has touched my life more than I would like.  My mother is a breast cancer survivor and my sister and her daughter are both cancer survivors.  My mother's oldest 2 sisters died from lung cancer.  It's a cruel and heartbreaking disease.

Amya from Brandon, Mississippi

I want to help women who are not able to grown their hair because of cancer and in honor of my great grandmother who died of cancer.

Tracy from Brandon, Mississippi

My best friend has Alopecia, and has always worn a wig since the day I met her.  I have known her now 25 years.  I saw this on the TV and have ALWAYS had long hair.  I decided this would be a great cause to donate to!

Laken from Brandon, Mississippi

There are a lot of women who have cancer and I want them to be able to feel confident in a wig.

Debbie from Clinton, Mississippi

To help cancer patients feel better about themselves.  In memory of my grandmother.

Avery from Brandon, Mississippi

I want to give hair to other people who don't have any.

Amber from Florence, Mississippi

Donating in loving memory of my husband's great aunt, Dorothy Schwartz, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2013.

Dale from Brandon, Mississippi

Mother and Father both died from cancer and I donate in their memory.

Catherine from Flowood, Mississippi

Aunt had BC and lost her hair as well as a friend went thru BC and both ended up needing a wig.  Seeing the experience both went thru this is the least I can do to help someone else going thru cancer.

Katie from Metarie, Louisiana

Sorority sister of Stephanie's  and already had the hair to donate.

Alexus from Pearl, Mississippi

A good cause, my mom's donating.

Meredith from Florence, Mississippi

Meredith Ware, age 9, is donating in memory of her Nana, Linda Sue Dyess White, who died of cancer on September 11, 2016.  Nana loved wearing her wig during cancer treatments.

Angel from Bentonia, Mississippi

God has given me the blessing of being able to grow long thic hair and I would like to pass this blessing on to someone who may not be able to grow their own hair.

Stephanie from Richland, Mississippi

Because my cousin was diagnosed with a brain tumor out of the blue in mid to late 2015 and we lost him in May of 2016 so I'm doing this in his honor.

Natalie from Hazlehurst, Mississippi

To give some a chance to have hair.

Janet from Brandon, Mississippi

I want to help people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy feel better.  I tribute to my mother in law currently battling breast cancer.

Tamara from Jackson, Mississippi

In support of my friend Katie who is going through Stage 4 cancer and through chemo has lost her hair.

Jeff from Edwards, Mississippi

In memory of our later sister Janet Farr Kersh and other loved ones still fighting.  Donating for Stephanie Bell Flynt.

Melissa from Pearl, Mississippi

I am donating in memory of our family members who have gone through cancer, and for family and friends who have survived.  I feel this is the least I can do for those who are currently battling this horrible disease.

Samantha from Pearl, Mississippi

So I can give it to those that have cancer.

Sharla from Brandon, Mississippi

I have grown my hair for 2 years to donate for an adult wig.  My mother has battled late stage ovarian cancer for 9 years now, and has needed a wig during different phases of treatment.  We have been financially able to buy wigs for her that she loved, but know others are not as fortunate.  I hope this helps another woman or man feel confident in themselves and less like a cancer patient.  Everyone deserves that.

Anna-Lynn from Richland, Mississippi

To honor Sabrina Martin and in memory of Frances Pollock.

Misty from Pearl, Mississippi

In honor and memory of family and friends who have had cancer.  In honor of Connie Williams of Brandon and in honor of Lori Dewberry of Pearl.

Gay from Madison, Mississippi

I am participating because I have been blessed with a lot of hair that grows fast.  I want to share it so that someone will receive a beautiful wig.  this will be my 10th time to donate hair.  It's something I can do that hopefully makes a difference to someone else.

Jessica from Clinton, Mississippi

I want to do something to help people feel beautiful.

Dixi from Brandon, Mississippi

I'm donating in memory of family members who have passed away due to cancer.  Also to help others feel beautiful!

Cindy from Flora , Mississippi

To help with a good cause.

Sarah from Terry , Mississippi

To be a servant of Christ to others.

Cynthia from Hazlehurst , Mississippi

In honor of my good friend, Ann Prine, who has fought cancer and survived.

Rowan from Jackson , Mississippi

I'm doing this in support of family (Linda Hudson Roach) and church sisters (Debbie Summers Simpson and Lacey Travis Madden) who are currently fighting this disease and in memory of family (mother, Nell Graves Taylor; Aunt, Virginia Graves: son's mother-in-law, Marian Griffith) and several friends who have succumbed to it in years past.

Leigh from Clinton, Mississippi

My grandmother had breast cancer and we are blessed to still have her with us today.  However, I remember her having low self-confidence due to the hair loss.  Even though we all though she was beautiful, she never wanted to be seen without a wig on.  I am donating because I know that there are people out there who are struggling with their self-confidence after hair loss due to cancer treatments.  I've got the hair so why would I not donate my hair to help others feel better about themselves.  To me, it is just my hair, it will grow back.  But to those struggling with hair loss and other cancer related effects, it is so much more than just hair.

Amy from Pearl, Mississippi

My grandmother passed away from cancer 10 years ago.  I have been waiting to donate my hair in her memory for a few years now, but haven't let it grow out enough.  I have grown my hair for a full year now and I'm ready to help someone in need.  If it can bring a smile to someone's face, then it's completely worth it!

Anna from Pearl, Mississippi

We believe in helping for a great cause.

Becky from Flora, Mississippi

Lost my sister to cancer.

Robert from Pearl, Mississippi

To help and for a good haircut; because I grow nice hair.

James from Yazoo City, Mississippi

Barbie Bassett

Melanie from Richland, Mississippi

Both of my grandparents died of cancer.

Susan from Clinton, Mississippi

In memory of my friends who have lost their lives due to cancer.

Daniece from Raymond, Mississippi

This will be my fourth time to participate in hair donation for cancer patient wigs and the second donation with Great Lengths campaign and WLBT.  I want to make someone happy as the result of this simple act.  I'm donating my hair in memory of my dad who lost his life to cancer.

Annah from Terry, Mississippi

To give to others out of the blessings the Lord has given me.  To be the hands and feet of Christ.

Sarah from Clinton, Mississippi

I want to help.

Shirley from Florence, Mississippi

My sister had breast cancer and lost her hair.  She had 3 wigs.  I got the wigs when she passed away and donated them to an organization in Gulfport where she was from.  I want to donate my hair in her memory.  Her name is Barbara Ladner.

Laura from Lexington, Mississippi

My mom and husband both have had cancer; neither lost their hair, but this is something that I can do!

Niki from Vicksburg, Mississippi

I am a Melanoma survivor!  My grandmother & MIL is a breast cancer survivor.

Elizabeth from Kosciusko, Mississippi

Just to give back.  No sense in throwing it away when someone needs it.

Sabrina from Madison, Mississippi

My sister, Sharon Sumrall was diagnosed at age 40 with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in May 1996.  She always had such pretty brown long hair; her hair was down past her bottom.  People always commented on how pretty her hair was.  With the chemo treatments, she lost her hair.  When it started coming out little by little, she decided to just shave her head.  I remember the first time, I saw her without any hair and I had to go into the bathroom to cry.  She lost  her battle with cancer November 11th, 2004.  She was not only my sister but my best friend.  I want to give my hair in honor of her.

Miranda from Yazoo City, Mississippi

I'm a nurse, and I've seen patients and families go through cancer treatments and the tolls they take on them.  And I just want to help anyway I can.

Christy from Kosciusko, Mississippi

In memory of my sister-in-law, Delores Cressonie.  

Catherine from Flowood, Mississippi

I want to give back to others.

Diana from Pearl, Mississippi

For my friends (and our losses)...Cindy Poole, Joseph Estridge, Karen Cluberston, Kim's dad & Teresa Preslar, a high school friend currently dealing with a tumor.  Also, all my family that are or have suffered from cancer.

Vicky from Crosby, Mississippi

I have lost many family members to cancer, including a sister and husband.  I have seen how much cancer takes away from those who are battling it.  I want to help someone regain a bit of their "normal" in this small way.

Bettye from Madison, Mississippi

The 9-inch ponytail I am donating is in honor of my beautiful niece Jennifer, who bravely fought and won her battle with breast cancer!!

Susan from Madison, Mississippi

To hon the life of Karen Cummins. 

Magdalene from Mendenhall, Mississippi

I just want to help someone that is affected by cancer.

Taylor Grace from Brookhaven, Mississippi

My mommy and I are donating together for the 1st time!

Beth from Brookhaven, Mississippi

My oldest daughter and I are donating together.  We know several ones who have benefited from wearing wigs and we want to show our LOVE for them!

Shirley from Brandon, Mississippi

To honor friends who have lost their lives to cancer.

Maria from Braxton, Mississippi

I know I would be devastated if I lost my hair.  My mother lost hers due to chemo treatments.  She had 2 wigs but neither were human hair.  They just weren't affordable.  She died in 1978 from liver cancer.

Stacey from Madison, Mississippi

I feel that I am very fortunate and blessed.  My hope is that my hair donation can help to make someone's struggle a little less painful.

Betsy from Jackson, Mississippi

I am donating my hair in honor of my mom, who has been so strong through her diagnosis and treatments.

Stacey from Crystal Springs, Mississippi

My Grandmothers were Cancer patients.  I will be donating in their honor one more time.  Thankful to be able to help cancer patients a tiny bit.

Sheryl from Pearl, Mississippi

My father-in-law passed from cancer in 2000 and I have a friend with numerous forms of cancer. She lost her hair during treatment & wasn't able to get a wig.

Magdaene from Mendenhall, MS

To help provides wigs for the cancer patient.

Sharon from Brandon, MS

In memory of my grandmother, Daisy Holman and friend Betsy Kimbriel

Larry from Vicksburg, MS


Denise from Brandon, MS

If I can bring a little bit of joy to someone's life, why not? It's the right thing to do.

Linda from Madison, MS

Mother had to wear wigs

Renee from Bogue Chitto, MS

I have always wanted to, but I never have.

Amy from Madison, MS

In memory of Barbara Ladner and all the wonderful women who are still fighting. 

Audrey from Brandon, MS

In honor of Tara Williams

Lee from Clinton, MS

I want my hair to go to someone who can use it for a wig

Paula from Terry, MS

I decided to participate for a few reasons, first in honor of my Mom who passed away in 2006 from colon cancer; and due to I really believe in finding a use for anything that may be discarded; and do not like to see waste and with this anyone can contribute with just taking time to grow hair.

Karen from Jackson, MS

In memory of family and friends