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No charges filed after toddler shot in Rankin County

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey says the father was watching television and their mother was working on a project, when they thought their 4-year-old son and their 14-month-old toddler were back in the bedroom playing.

"He said the kids got quiet and he was just about to get up or was getting up to go check on them and he heard the gunshot go off," Sheriff Bailey recalled.

The toddler was shot with a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol in the upper part of the chest, missing the boy's lungs by inches.

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"The father thought it was a secured in a gun vault inside the residence," Sheriff Bailey said. "The vault was shut and latched, but it wasn't locked, so the 4-year-old was able to open the door and get the loaded firearm out."

After questioning the parents and walking through the home, the sheriff says no charges will be filed.

"The mom and dad weren't drinking, there were no drugs involved, the house was well kept," Sheriff Bailey said. "You could tell they were taking care of the children. He did have the gun in a gunsafe. You wouldn't think that a 4-year-old would be able to open the door, but he did. You know, it's not like a loaded cocked weapon was laying on the night stand."

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Sheriff Bailey says the father took the youngest boy to a neighbor's house who's a registered nurse. The little body is in stable condition, but it's likely that he will need surgery.

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