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Flowood student creates "Baby on Board" project

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

A Hartfield Academy 7th grader has created a science project aimed at lowering the number of hot car baby deaths.

Kayleigh Yung wanted to create something that could potentially help with a growing problem facing our nation.

This summer there were three hot car baby deaths in Mississippi alone.

Yung's science teacher told students the project had to have two goals - simplicity and broaden awareness, so Yung created "Baby on Board."

"Well it's based on a simple circuit which has a battery and an cathode to connect,"  Yung explained. "It sends an electrical current and lights up the led light."

It took her about a week to create the circuit that connects to a car seat. The seatbelt serves as the on and off switch.

"So we have two strings of LEDs, so we put one part of the wire right here and then the other right here," Yung explained. "And then when they connect it sends an electrical current through and lights up the sign." 

The "Baby on Board" lighted sign can be different sizes.

"Most of these tragedies happen in very public places, so there are going to be people around," said Kenneth Yung, Kayleigh's father. "So if other people can see that the light is on, they know for some reason the seat-belt buckle is buckled."

Yung's classmate gathered statistics.

"Since 1998, there have been 698 deaths and that averages to 37 per year," said Emily Humphreys, a 7th grader at Hartfield Academy.

The two hope the simplistic child car seat warning system will help save a life.

"It's pretty sad because they can't do anything about it," Humphreys said. "They are just trapped in there, heating up and dying. They're helpless," 

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