Community reacts to video of Greenville teacher dragging special - - Jackson, MS

Community reacts to video of Greenville teacher dragging special needs student

Source: Kesha Williams Source: Kesha Williams

Three On Your Side has video that has been shared to us through Facebook that shows a Greenville teacher dragging a female student across the floor by her hair.

The video was originally posted by Kesha Williams and allegedly happened in the Greenville High School Gym.  And some Jackson residents were shocked by the teacher's behavior.

"When she got up to go to the door she dragged her by the hair and that's devastating because you wouldn't want nobody dragging your child by the hair," said Jeanette Cavett of Jackson. "I wouldn't want nobody to do my child like that."

Greenville Police confirm they are aware of the incident and are investigating.  It is uncertain WHEN this video was taken.  It has more than 1 million views on the original Facebook post.

"Basically it's wrong," said Howard Reid of Jackson. "I mean what else can you say? We live in a world like that today so..." 

"I think that's terrible, that person shouldn't be treated like that no matter what the circumstance is," explained Veronica Turnage of Jackson. 

We reached out to the school superintendent for comment and we are waiting for the district's response.

"She shouldn't even be working," added Reid. "Yes she should face disciplinary actions." 

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