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WLBT's Happy Tails: Delilah

Source: Mary Grace Brantley Source: Mary Grace Brantley
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Source: CARA Source: CARA
Source: CARA Source: CARA

WLBT has enjoyed working with CARA for many years by helping homeless animals get adopted through our Pet of the Week segments every Friday on Midday Mississippi.

In the last few years, however, several of those Pet of the Week pups have become a part of the WLBT family. Read this great story:

Mary Grace Brantley, Digital Content Manager:

It's no secret that my favorite day of the week has always been Friday, when the Pet of the Week comes on our show! Every Friday at 12:30, if I can swing it, I try to head to the front of the building to meet whatever pup that Valerie or Denise bring.

But one Friday in November 2014, my life changed forever when I met Delilah! Valerie (CARA's President of the Board) had posted some pictures of a gorgeous black lab on the Facebook page. She also posted the most heartbreaking story of the lab they called Delilah, that had been found with a severed leg, hardly any fur, malnourished and in very bad shape. The good people at CARA rushed her to the vet for an emergency leg amputation. This had all happened just a few months before.

When I went up to the lobby, I will never forget seeing her face for the first time and her tail wagging profusely. She was so stubborn when Valerie tried to get her to move and after a lot of begging, we finally got her back to the studio where I was captivated by her mild manner and sweet, gentle temperament. I don't know how it happened, but I fell in love.

Unfortunately, I wasn't in a living situation where I could bring home another dog. That's when Valerie told me about a great program that CARA has called Adopt A Leash. Basically you can "adopt their leash" but they still live at the shelter. You can pay $30 a month to provide for their care, help socialize them and even take them places! So that's what I did for about two months! I went for visits to the shelter and I even brought her over to my house for sleepovers. But that wasn't enough for me. I knew she was my dog and I wanted more than anything to finally go and take her home for good.

Finally, my husband and I moved into our very own home together in January of 2015 and that very day, I drove over to the shelter to make Delilah officially a part of our family. And we've never looked back! She may only have three legs but this girl doesn't let that stop her. She has three beds; a memory foam one in our room, one in the living room, and also a Coolaroo dog bed outside! She's as spoiled as a princess. Her favorite time of day is 7 am and 7 pm - WHEN SHE EATS! She loves all five thousand of her stuffed animals toys. She hates rain, thunder and dirt (which is very un-lab like). And she especially likes pig ears from her best friends at Hollywood Feed. She's very protective of her family; her dad, mom and new puppy sister Penny, an Australian Shepherd.

We will always be so grateful for our friends at CARA who take care and save the lives of animals like Delilah everyday! 

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