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Jackson Police officer wrecks near bad pothole

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Tuesday, MSNewsNow obtained surveillance video of the wreck involving a Jackson Police officer Monday on McDowell road. The cruiser slammed into the side of a Chrysler 300 after someone pulled out in front of them.

It's also the spot of a giant pothole, that residents say they've been complaining about for months.

"The pothole has been here for months," said Joyce Clark, who owns a nearby daycare. "I've noticed it's gotten larger and when people try to come by the pothole you have to dodge traffic if you're coming in the direction of the pothole."

The pothole is so deep, it can cause some drivers to nearly loose control. Some drivers are forced to veer into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting it.
Those that don't see the hole in the street are paying the price. Local repair shops say they're seeing the damage caused by the pothole.

"Were getting quite a few people in here with bent rims and busted tires from it," said Proby Gammil of Acey's Repair Shop.

The price of repairs that can go up into the hundreds of dollars.

"If they hit it hard enough, it can bend tyrod ends, lower control arms," added Gammill. "it can do quite a bit of damage, sure." 

With no warning the pothole is there, many drivers don't realize it's there, until it's too late - but by then, the damage is done.

"They need to hurry up because this is a high traffic area and get that pothole fixed," added Clark. "There's just no other solution but to get the pothole fixed on this main street because a lot of traffic comes through this area."

We contacted the city to see if they had a time line for repairing the pothole.

As of news time, they had not returned our calls.

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