Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler proving he’s more than a 1-pl - - Jackson, MS

Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler proving he’s more than a 1-play wonder

Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler proving he’s more than a 1-play wonder

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In 2015, Tom Brady was the only Patriot that played more snaps than Malcolm Butler. 

Not bad for a guy that was selling chicken at Popeyes a few years ago.

Butler returned home this weekend, and although this homecoming didn't include a parade or a second Super Bowl ring, the Vicksburg native continued to shatter expectations. 

Malcolm Butler's journey to the top has been improbable. More than one year and a Pro Bowl season later, Butler's proven he's more than just a one play wonder. 

"I wanted to come out and show that I'm gonna be around for a while man," Butler said. "You know, I definitely work hard to try to stay there and you know that's the goal each and every year."

Entering last season, Butler's first as an NFL starter, he took the advice of his legendary coach - a simple three word mantra that has become synonymous with Bill Belichick and the Patriots.  

Do your job!

"Just do your job man, that's all he's gonna tell ya," Butler said. "Just do your job, that's it." 

The 2015 season brought increased responsibility for Butler and his job was now to lock down the opponent's best receiver,

Whether it was Antonio Brown, Week 1, or Odell Beckham, Week 10, Butler proved his worth and emerged as the Patriots' shut-down corner. 

"It's kinda fun and scary man, because you never know what's gonna happen to you," Butler said. "You gotta be on your P's and Q's, you gotta be prepared, you gotta study film, you gotta do the right things. It's fun man."

With his secondary mate Logan Ryan set to make nearly triple Butler's modest $600,000 salary this season, it's about time the man gets paid and when that time does come, Butler will certainly garner big bucks. 

But for now, he's just happy to be where he's at. 

"I never had no intentions of holding out man. I'm only a football player. I play cornerback, I'm not a GM, player operations, so you know I'm just going with the flow, whatever happens, happens," Butler said. "I'm just thankful to be in the NFL."

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