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Mississippi sends 40 delegates to the RNC

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Two Mississippians took the stage to speak during the first day of convention, but there are 40 people representing the Magnolia State this week. 

Treasurer and delegate Lynn Fitch said they're making their Trump support known early on with a petition.

"We had the opportunity to sign and have enough signatures to see if you be the first state that could actually do the nomination for Donald Trump to be president," noted Fitch. "We're hoping we got that."

All of the Mississippi delegates described a desire to keep the convention positive, despite the anti-Trump movement that's trying to stir up both in the convention hall and right outside.

"It's absolutely critical that we come forward as a unified party," added Fitch. "There's so much on the line. Our country is at a point where we've got to make some very difficult choices in order to move forward in a positive way."

Some notable Republicans decided not to attend the RNC but folks are trying to look past that.

"You got Jeb Bush writing letters," said Mississippi delegate Keith Heard. "I don't know what's wrong with him. Letters to the editor that he might vote for an independent, that's just one person. So we're going to move forward as a unified party."

Republican analyst Brian Perry echoed that buzzword of unity.

"It's really important that the convention finish the primary process," explained Perry. "Finish the division of the party, come out a unified party. If you're Republican and you're not a fan of Donald Trump, it's a good time to hold your tongue."

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