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Power outage leaves hundreds of residents and business owners in the dark

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Friday night Entergy crews worked to restore power to homes and businesses in Hinds County after a powerful storm swept through the area.

Hundreds of people are still without electricity. Some residents and business owners are heated about the outage.

“We are going to lose several thousand dollars worth of sales today,” said business owner Mindy Carlos.

'No power' signs adorned doors of many stores and restaurants in Hinds County and Clinton. Here at the Wine Cellar, the owner says this outage is bad for business.

“It is horrible, horrible. A lot of people say lucky you, you get a day off. No, because I am in the heat hoping it will come back on making sure my store is okay,” said business owner Mindy Carlos.

A few doors down, Sesame Seed Nutrition Center’s owner Bob Norman feels her pain.

“We are out of business. It's a dark, our cash register doesn't work and our computer doesn't work, so I come in a day like this and I am here. It is hard to do business because of all the above, it is dark and it is just not good,” said Norman.

The heat, humidity and no lights also had residents frustrated.

 “This is my second shower today. My wife took off and went shopping. Hopefully, she went where there is air conditioning,” Clinton  resident Jon Lenoir .

Many folks said they had to buy generators just to keep their food cold and provide enough power to charge their phones, but no lights is still a big inconvenience.  

“We were lucky we can take showers, but it has been pitch black all night and hot,” said Lenior.

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