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Vicksburg National Military Park speaking out on Pokemon Go

Vicksburg National Military Park speaking out on Pokemon Go

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The virtual world of Pokemon Go is creating craze across the nation. Players are taking their gaming to Vicksburg National Military Park.

The park has since posted on social media about the interest of the game being played at the park.

Pokemon Go player Brian Pickering said, "See the Pokemon on the road?"

Flying creatures sitting on monuments, sitting in the street, and in some cases sitting on top of trees. It's a virtual game sweeping the tech world and players are now realizing they can take their gaming into Vicksburg National Military Park.

Pickering said, "Try and throw a pokey ball at it. What's cool about it is once the Pokemon is caught it actually captures the picture behind it."

Pokemon Go player Brian Pickering said this new game you play on your phone is bringing business to the historic park.

Pickering said, "To be honest more people are going to walk it and they might actually enjoy it because I know a lot of people who come here who have been to the park one or two times in their life when they live here. So, I actually think it helps out the park some."

However, Vicksburg National Military Park released a statement on social media saying they want people to remember this park is not a recreational park. It's a solemn memorial park where thousands of men gave their lives during a civil war. The continued the post by adding the park rules for all to follow.

Pickering said, "I enjoy it. It gives me a reason to go walking."

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