Stolen truck from MO., hunting items found - - Jackson, MS

Stolen truck from MO., hunting items found

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Outfitters from Missouri who had their truck and trailer with valuable hunting trophies in it, received some good news Friday.

The items from the trailer were found, most of them in good condition.

In what looks like a dumping ground, the hunting trophy mounts stolen over the weekend were discovered tossed in the brush, off Michael Avalon Street, among other trash Friday morning.

Ralph Jones, a friend of the outfitters said, "Found about everything that was in his trailer, we got it, back to my shop just came back got the second load that's pretty much it."

Jones is holding the items for his friends at Border Bucks Outfitters, the owners of the items which were inside a trailer, stolen Saturday from the Cracker Barrel on I-55 in Jackson.
The truck it was attached to was found in Belhaven Wednesday hidden behind an apartment complex.

The hunting memorabilia, priceless to their owner.

Ralph Jones said,"People don't understand hunters and stuff outfitters antlers don't mean much to a lot of people but it takes a lifetime to get them and you don't get a matching one you can hunt the rest of your life or two lives so it's very important."

Jackson police say it's impossible to steal the Ford truck that was taken without the key, and reported car burglaries in that area are relatively low this month.

Commander Tyree Jones of the Jackson Police Department said, "In that specific area we've only investigated two property crimes in that one area from cracker barrel as well as twin peaks we did have a reported auto burglary and an auto theft in the last month."

The H and H v-neck trailer that was taken is still missing, and police are actively searching for it.

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