Children rescued from home after tree fell on home - - Jackson, MS

Children rescued from home after tree fell on home

Savannah St. (Source: WLBT) Savannah St. (Source: WLBT)
Savannah Street (Source: WLBT) Savannah Street (Source: WLBT)
South Jackson (Source: WLBT) South Jackson (Source: WLBT)
Savannah and Terry (Source: WLBT) Savannah and Terry (Source: WLBT)
Terry Rd at Cany Creek (Source: WLBT) Terry Rd at Cany Creek (Source: WLBT)

Thursday night's storms caused lots of power outages and panic for many South Jackson residents.
Some of the hardest hit areas are on and along Savanna Street.
Mattie Griffin was inside of her Savanna Street home Thursday night when a tree fell on top of it. 
The grandmother and foster mom ran to neighbors to rescue the five young children inside.

"They had lights flashing and they were cutting this way to help get them out the house," said Griffin.

Hank Bennett is one of the neighbors who helped Griffin out.

"By the time I got around here they had already got out and were standing in the street and I told them I got a chainsaw I'll be back in the morning and at least get your car out," says Bennett.

The storm also knocked a tree down along Savanna Street, blocking access to Terry Road.  
Cecil Gregory says it's not the first time he's seen this type of damage and now he says, "I have a lot of work to do."

"You couldn't see anything, nothing but trees, branches falling, thunder, lightning it was really kind of scary last night," says South Jackson resident Napoleon Mangum.

Griffin's home received some of the worst damage in the neighborhood, but she was able to get inside to get clothes for the children and rescue her pet birds. She also removed her Bible from her damaged car. The family is looking for a new place to live.

"Right now I'm just lost. I don't know what to do," says Griffin.

If you're interested in helping Griffin and her family out please email us by going to our website or give us a call in our newsroom at 601-960-4226. 

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