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Keep yourself safe while mowing the grass

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A zero turn lawnmower rolled over on a Yazoo City man taking his life. Days later another man mowing grass on a zero turn lawnmower was hit by a car passing by. 

What can you do to stay safe while operating this kind of heavy machinery?

"Number one, you should always read your owner's manual," said Troy Jones. "Number one you need to know how to operate this safely and perform routine maintenance."

Zero turn lawnmowers are the fast selling trend right now for lawn mowing customers. Revell Hardware and Outdoor Byram Branch Manager Troy Jones said their sales have drastically increased within the past year. He said there are a few key steps you can take to ensure your safety.

One of those steps is always mow up and down on a slope, not across. Jones said it's important to avoid mowing on a wet lawn.

"So, if you're on a slope and you start losing traction there are a few things you can do to protect yourself," said Jones. "First thing you are going to do is not give it gas and try and speed up. You're going to stop and not turn, but back yourself down. When you turn it on a slippery situation that's when you're going to cause it to become unstable and potentially turn over."

Protect your eyes and ears while the mower is on and make sure you wear bright colored visible clothing.

"If you find yourself in an emergency situation, always bring your control arms back to a neutral position," added Jones. "Disengage your PTO which turns your blades off, and shut the engine down. You will also want to pull your emergency brake."

Jones said it's important to keep the rollover protection bar up and your safety belt on.

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