Making A Difference: Dr. Paresh Ray - Jackson State University - - Jackson, MS

Making A Difference: Dr. Paresh Ray - Jackson State University

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There is research going on at Jackson State University that could really Make A Difference in the way cancer is treated. And the professor in charge was recognized by his home land of India for his part in this cutting edge research not too long ago.

The lab is dimmed except for outside light filtering in through the shut window blinds and the glow of lasers. There are vials of multicolored liquids, all a derivative of gold to one degree or another.

I hear the term “gold nano-particles” being kicked around. And the general gist of this research is, the gold is the prospector here, rooting out early cancer signatures from as little as a single drop of blood. And then, on the same scale, the disease is attacked, on the cellular level, with smart bombs going to single selected targets, instead of the chemotherapy carpet bombing approach being taken right now.

The students in the room conducting the research range from undergraduates to doctors. And they are here from China and India, Huntsville, Saginaw, and right down the street, in Jackson.

The director of this group is Dr. Paresh Ray. Dr. Ray comes to Jackson State after years as a researcher at other institutions and in industry.

For his research, his home nation of India has selected Dr. Ray to be one of the recipients of the Mahatma Gandhi award this year. The award is given by India to native-born people who have gone out into the world and distinguished themselves in their respective fields, there by bringing a degree of honor to their home country, and in return, their home country bestowing a degree of honor upon them.

Dr. Ray is excited about the award, especially for his family back home, and for the small village where he was raised, a village that didn’t even have electricity, and now he is leading the cutting edge of cancer research, very quietly at Jackson State University.

Mahatma Gandhi is like a Godfather from India," said Dr. Ray. "And definitely they will be very happy to see that from that village, you know."

And I would be amiss if I didn’t also include a word about Dr. Ray’s team, who are quietly, diligently changing the world in a little lab at Jackson State with their nano-partial cancer detection and treatment research, who, along with their professor, are Making A Difference. 

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