Salvation Army celebrates Christmas in July - - Jackson, MS

Salvation Army celebrates Christmas in July


With the temperature in the metro area, Christmas seems like a far away thought. But not for the folks at the Salvation Army.

The Jackson and Pearl Family Stores are celebrating Christmas in July and they are stocking up on Christmas supplies and decorations so the community can be well prepared when the Christmas season arrives.

"Personally, this is why I do the job I do," said Erin Campbell, director of communications for Salvation Army Greater Jackson. "It's much more than a job. This is my heart and soul going into the community and it really brings a smile to my face to know whatever we do, we are helping those in need and it's part of God's greater plan."

It started Wednesday and lasts until the end of the July.

All proceeds of the sale of Christmas items and all other goods, will go to help those in need in the Greater Jackson Community.

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