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Residents want Fondren bar closed

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At least a dozen Fondren residents are hoping to get a bar in their neighborhood shut down. 

They say Fondren Garage has become a nuisance in their community. The residents who are complaining live off Patton Avenue and they say since the bar has been open they've had to deal with loud music after 2:00 a.m. and unruly behavior from its patrons. 

"The cars were all the way down to the end of Patton Avenue. On top of that, when those people came back they were drunk and talking even louder. I was woken up at 2:30 in the morning," said one resident.

They voiced their opposition against the place at Tuesday's city council meeting since it opened a few months ago. 

"We can only imagine the kinds of people who are going to be drunk walking down the street while our toddler sons are sleeping and people have blocked our driveways too which is a safety concern in the case there's an emergency for us to need to leave right away," said another unidentified resident. 

Council woman Margaret Barrett Simon says the business owner has not followed certain zoning ordinances. 

"There should have always been a site review plan. For some reason that did not occur. So all the restrictions that would have been picked up in site plan were never picked up," Barrett - Simon said.

Barrett Simon says other violations have occurred. 

"I could take up a lot of time just going through all the different offenses here; privilege licensed, beer permits I mean on and on, but the good news is we are finally getting something done about it," Barrett - Simon explained.

"We believe that through some strategy with legal as well as through planning department, that we will be able to move forward with potential cease and desist," said Mayor Tony Yarber. 

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