Business owners concerned about ATM burglaries - - Jackson, MS

Business owners concerned about ATM burglaries

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Surveillance video of the burglary of Sam's Food Mart, Monday morning, shows the front doors being yanked off with a chain attached to a truck driven by two masked men. 

Store owners say they believe they caught the thieves scoping out the ATM in another surveillance video shot days before.

A white male can be seen checking to see if the machine will move, while his buddy grabs a cold one out of the cooler. 

"The police must be looking for them, but they have to hurry up because they're going to break into another store, I guarantee that," said store owner Sam Kombaj.

Sam has no plans to remove the ATM from his building, even if it is a target for thieves. They say it's a necessity for customers who use it daily.

His hope is that police keep a closer eye on stores with cash machines inside.

"More patrols, more police should be making rounds to this area after 12, after 10 when we close the door," added Kombaj.

About $7,000 worth of damage was done to the store, which Sam says is insured. 

He has this message for the ATM thieves.

"Get a job,  $7 an hour minimum wage," said Kombaj.  "If you work one day, ya'll make more money than breaking into the store and taking an ATM out. That's the smartest way to make money."

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