Stokes: City should rescind JATRAN contract - - Jackson, MS

Stokes: City should rescind JATRAN contract


One Jackson city councilman has tough words for the operator of JATRAN.

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes said he's heard complaints from residents about the unreliability of JATRAN buses throughout the city, from instances of the buses breaking down to cases where riders claim they weren't even picked up from bus stops.

Because of that, he's proposing an order which would authorize Mayor Tony Yarber to terminate the agreement with National Express Transit Services Corporation.

"If Greyhound ran this bus service like we're running ours, Greyhound would have been out of business years ago," said Stokes. "Jackson Public Schools runs hundreds of buses yearly, and they're timely, and it's not as bad as JATRAN for the city of Jackson. We point our finger at the company we have a contract with, and it's time to rescind that contract."

Stokes said council members plan to discuss the matter at Tuesday's city council meeting.

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