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14th annual Black Rodeo is back in Jackson

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The Black Rodeo is back in the Jackson for the the 14th year and the hot temperatures didn't keep people from coming out in large numbers.

The event offered Mississippi residents and visitors an opportunity to tailgate with friends, enjoy live concerts, and win large monetary prizes by participating in the rodeo events. Spectators also had the opportunity to watch cowboys and cowgirls ride horses and bulls in the Mississippi Coliseum.

"This Black Rodeo in Jackson - ain't no other rodeo like it," said cowboy Colby Lewis. "The crowd gets into it. It's always a good packed rodeo; a fun rodeo to be at."

Cowboy Darius Wade said this rodeo is just like another day in the office for him. 

"The money, to be honest with you, the money," said Wade. "We do this for a living. This is how we make our income. This is not a hobby, this is a lifestyle." 

While this rodeo brings out a lot of folks for the fun and entertainment, others ride for a different purpose.

"I'm doing this for a special cause - to raise money for homeless people and people who need blood transfusions," Cowboy Charles Davis said. "That's the only reason I ride."

The rodeo keeps others, like JD Freeman from Dallas, coming back with pro ambitions in mind.

"My dad started, it his grandad started riding horses," said Freeman, "My dad took it to the rodeo level and I'm just trying to take it from there and continue with it and hopefully become pro one day."    

Being at the Mississippi Fairgrounds, the Rodeo also gives folks plenty of room to ride bikes or just sit and relax in the shade until the festivities end Saturday at 8 p.m. 

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