Youth camps are held to Department of Health regulations - - Jackson, MS

Youth camps are held to Department of Health regulations

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You put a lot of trust in counselors when you drop your child off at summer camp. A 5-year-old boy went missing from summer camp in Jackson Thursday, but he was found safe and sound a short time later.

A 25 page document from the Department of Health was discovered that is devoted to regulations of youth camps. 

"It's stressful on most days to say the least," said Cole Wooten. "But it's a fun job to have."

The Flowood YMCA has some of these kids in its care for 11 hours a day during summer camp.

"Our number one priority is safety," Wooten added. "I have a brother in the program so definitely important to me that we keep our children safe and are responsible with our children and what they do."

Counselors like Cole Wooten go through training to understand the full regulations for managing a youth camp.

"When we are training our staff, we tell them, it takes just a second," noted Chief Administrative Officer Jara Miller. "If your attention is diverted, a child can run out the door. If you're not scanning and it's the same principle we use with our lifeguards. Should be observing what's going on in your surrounding area at all times."

They take roll here between every transition to make sure they not only have the right number but the right kids. Miller had this advice to parents about making sure your camp knows the kids in their care.

"Make sure that where they're taking the children, they know who their children are," said Miller. "If they're greeting them when they arrive and are saying goodbye when they leave, parents should feel comfortable in that the staff is aware of what's taking place."

The Department of Health document details everything from counselor to camper ratios, to food safety and transportation.

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