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Local enforcement agencies react to Dallas violence

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Team members from the Dallas Police Department have spent time in the Jackson area in recent years recruiting.

They would set up shop at Jackson State University trying to find men and women who wanted to become apart of their team.

Following the tragedy, local agencies are reacting.

Sheriff Bryan Bailey said, "Most everybody in law enforcement knows somebody or are friends with someone that's been killed in the line of duty. To have that many at one time killed and the others that are injured is just sickening to me and is just a sad, sad day in America."

Area law enforcement officers are saddened by the killings that happened Thursday night in Dallas. Many pictures are floating around social media showing support for those officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Sheriff Bryan Bailey says killings hit close to home.

Bailey said, "It makes me very upset. That's one thing I can say is I'm very blessed because in Rankin County is the citizens here support and love law enforcement. But, to see across the nation some of the anti-law enforcement rhetoric is just dis-heartening."

Chief Lee Vance said, "At the appropriate time we will reach out to them and and when they start to have memorial services and whatever comes after we plan on being their to support them."

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance says there is an atmosphere of brother and sisterhood that exists within law enforcement and they will continue backing their brothers in blue.

Sheriff Bailey added, "Our prayers go out to the families of the officers slain and the injured officers for their recovery and their comfort."

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