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Jackson mayor and police chief react to shootings


Reactions to the shootings are coming in from all over, including Jackson's mayor and police chief.

Mayor Tony Yarber and Chief Lee Vance say both cases are examples of why the city should reinvest in community policing.

Three-On-Your-Side caught up with both men during a meeting of the Criminal Justice Reform Task Force.

"This criminal justice task force is also a part of that. It's how do we make sure that there's a system that people can trust," said Mayor Yarber. "Right now, we're all sitting back waiting to see if there will be an indictment on what appears to be a very blatant murder in Baton Rouge."

"If a police officer commits a crime, like an unjustified shooting death, then the police officer should be held accountable like everybody else," said Chief Vance. "He should be arrested, indicted and convicted. End of story."

Chief Vance said each jurisdiction around the country has different philosophies and training procedures.

He said there is no universal policy among police departments.

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